From The Mother Land

Skin Healing Shea Butter, Natural Soaps And Oils

Crystal figurine Warmer
  • Crystal figurine Electric Oil Warmer:
  • The Praying Hand With Cross Crystal Figurine
  • The Crystal Figurine Cross Trim in Gold  
  • The Humming Bird Crystal Figurine
  • The Light House Crystal Figurine


Textured Glass Burner

Electric Oil Burner:Green Elephant

Elephant Mirror Electric Oil Burner
This mirrored oil burner sets off a labyrinth of color and stunning art with a glass elephant in the center. Simply pour some oil into the glass dish on the top, plug it in, and adjust the switch to make the lighting brighter or more subtle. 5" tall and 6" wide.

Light Blue Textured Glass Oil Burner

Electric Glass Oil Burners

Enrapture your senses
Create a whole new atmosphere with these electric oil burners. Each one brings the mystique of Africa to your home, with the added convenience of electric light. You can adjust the lighting on each one for a hint of a glow, or bright light. Choose from brilliant shades of yellow, orange, or white. 5" tall


Textured Glass Oil Burner:Spotted Pink   

Pink Textured Oil Burner
This oil burner cascades pink light across the entire room! 5” tall.

Textured Glass Oil Burner:Green  

Textured Glass Oil Burner Green
5" tall.

High Heel Electric Oil Burner:Red  

Aromatherapy for Fashionistas!
For the catwalk or for the home, try this red high-heel oil burner. Stands 4.5" tall, and no candle is necessary! Just plug it in, and adjust the lighting.


High Heel Electric Oil Burner:Cheetah

High-Style Meets Aromatherapy
For the fashionista and the wellness lover, this high-heel oil burner is a must have! Enjoy the eye-catching style of this burner while surrounding yourself in aroma and relaxation. 4.5" tall.


Electric Touch Lamp Oil Burner:Bouquet

Surround yourself with feel-good fragrances, easily, with this luxury electric fragrance lamp in a beautiful bouquet design. Simple dimmer control allows you adjust the light stronger or weaker.


Electric Touch Lamp Oil Burner:Rose  

Set your room aglow with brilliant lights and artistry. Adjust the brightness of the light with a simple turn of the dial for a subtle glimmer or a bright ...


Electric Touch Oil Burners

Electric Oil Burner:Night Lamp

Add Some Ambiance to the Night. Create a soothing glow in your home with an electric oil burner night light. Simply pour a few drops of oil into the top of the oil burner, plug it in and you can ... Comes In Red,White,And Black

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